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Library Carpentry: MarcEdit

Under Design

This lesson is currently in its early design stage; please check the repository issues and pull requests to see what we have so far. This Library Carpentry lesson introduces people working in library- and information-related roles to working with MARC data in MarcEdit. At the conclusion of the lesson you will understand what the MarcEdit software does and how to use the MarcEdit software to work with MARC data files. Contributions are very welcome


This lesson requires a basic knowledge of the MARC21 standard.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction to MarcEdit What is MarcEdit?
What can MarcEdit do?
00:10 2. Top Level Menu Features What are the top level features?
Where are the top level features located?
00:33 3. Working with MARC files What is a MARC binary file?
What does it mean to break and make a MARC file and how do I open a file of MARC records in MARCedit?
Why is encoding important?
How does the MarcEditor display MARC records?
00:54 4. Working in the MarcEditor What is the MarcEditor?
How are MARC files organized in the MarcEditor
01:04 5. Profiling Your MARC data How do I use different reports to get an overview of my MARC file?
How do I locate errors in my records?
How do I use the Edit Shortcuts tool to identify and fix common errors?
01:04 6. Manipulating MARC data How can MARC data be manipulated?
How can fields, subfields, and/or indicators be added, changed, or removed?
How can the RDA Helper be used?
How can fixed fields be manipulated?
How can Select Records for Edit be used to manipulate a subset of your MARC file?
What is the difference between save and compile?
01:29 7. Tasks and Automation What are tasks?
How do you manage and create new tasks?
How do you run tasks?
01:51 8. Integrations What are integrations?
What can it do?
02:01 9. Regular Expressions What are regular expressions?
Where and how can you use regular expressions in the MarcEditor?
What types of edits can you accomplish with regular expressions?
02:36 Finish

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