Introduction to Data - Multiple Choice Quiz (answers)"


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  • What does Fr[ea]nc[eh] match?

  • Test knowledge of use of regular expressions in searches

Library Carpentry Week One: Introduction to Data

Exercise Answers

What does Fr[ea]nc[eh] match?

What does Fr[ea]nc[eh]$ match?

What would match the strings French and France only that appear at the beginning of a line?

How do you match the whole words colour and color (case insensitive)?

How would you find the whole-word headrest and or the 2-gram head rest but not head rest (that is, with two spaces between head and rest?

How would you find a 4 letter word that ends a string and is preceded by at least one zero?

How do you match any 4 digit string anywhere?

How would you match the date format dd-MM-yyyy?

How would you match the date format dd-MM-yyyy or dd-MM-yy at the end of a string only?

How would you match publication formats such as British Library : London, 2015 and Manchester University Press: Manchester, 1999?

Multiple Choice Quiz Answers

Key Points

  • Regular expressions answer sheet