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Introduction to MarcEdit


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  • What is MarcEdit?

  • What can MarcEdit do?

  • Explain what the MarcEdit software does

  • Explain how the MarcEdit software can help work with metadata files

What is MarcEdit?

MarcEdit is a suite of tools created and maintained by Terry Reese. The tools together form the MarcEdit software which can be used to create, edit and work with library metadata, particularly (although not limited to) records in MARC format. MarcEdit can be used to

A list of features is available on the MarcEdit website.

Although the ability to create, view and edit MARC records is built into many pieces of library and bibliographic management software, MarcEdit is particularly flexible and powerful for editing MARC data as well as offering integration with other software and services. With MarcEdit’s wideranging functionality and integration into other library services it is a very powerful toolkit for anyone working with bibliographic data.

Getting help

If you encounter problems installing or running MarcEdit, a good source of support is the MarcEdit mailing list. The MarcEdit website has a list of places where you can get help using the software including:

Key Points

  • MarcEdit is a tool for working with bibliographic metadata, specifically in the MARC format

  • MarcEdit can be used to open and edit MARC files

  • MarcEdit can be used to convert between several different metadata formats, including different expressions of MARC such as MARCXML and Mnemonic MARC