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Manipulating MARC data


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  • How can MARC data be manipulated?

  • How can the RDA Helper be used?

  • How can fields, subfields, and/or indicators be added, changed, or removed?

  • How can fixed fields be manipulated?

  • How can Select Records for Edit be used to manipulate a subset of your MARC file?

  • What is the difference between save and compile?

  • Explain how to add, update, and remove fields, subfields, indicators, and fixed fields

  • Explain the functions RDA Helper and Select Records for Edit

  • Explain the difference between save and compile

  • Successfully manipulate MARC data

  • Successfully save your MARC data

  • Successfully compile your MARC data

Manipulating MARC data

Key Points

  • MarcEdit can be used to edit any part of the MARC data including the Leader, fixed fields, fields, indicators, subfields and the content in those fields.

  • MarcEdit comes with an array of tools to manipulate data and validate MARC.