Library Carpentry: OpenRefine: Setup

Getting ready

You need to install OpenRefine and download a data file to follow this lesson.

Installing and running OpenRefine

You can download OpenRefine from This lesson has been tested with all versions of OpenRefine up to the latest tested version, 3.4.

If you are using an older version, it is recommended you upgrade to the latest tested version.

There are versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Please follow the installation instructions on the OpenRefine wiki: Installation Instructions


Downloading the data

You can download doaj-article-sample.csv, which is a csv file that will open in a new browser tab. Be sure to right click or control click in order to save the file (NOTE: In Safari, right click and select download linked file; in Chrome and Firefox, right click and select save link as…). Make a note of the location (i.e. the folder, your desktop) to which you save the file.

Getting help

If you encounter problems installing or running OpenRefine, a good source of support is the OpenRefine mailing list and forum.

If you are installing OpenRefine on Windows, you may want to check the forum for ‘Windows’ related threads or specific threads like Installing OpenRefine on Windows 7.

There are also general and specialist tutorials about using OpenRefine available on the web, including: