This lesson is in the early stages of development (Alpha version)

Introduction to R: Setup

Learners must have R and RStudio installed on their computers. They also need to be able to install a number of R packages, create directories, and download files.

To avoid troubleshooting during the lesson, learners should follow the instruction below to download and install everything beforehand. If they are using their own computers this should be no problem, but if the computer is managed by their organization’s IT department they might need help from an IT administrator.

Install R and RStudio

R and RStudio are two separate pieces of software:

If you don’t already have R and RStudio installed, follow the instructions for your operating system below. You have to install R before you install RStudio.



Update R and RStudio

If you already have R and RStudio installed, check if your R and RStudio are up to date:

Note: It is not necessary to remove old versions of R from your system, but if you wish to do so you can check here.