Other database tools

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  • Are there other database tools that I can use besides DB Browser and SqliteOnline?


  • Point to additional resources on other database tools.

Other database tools

For this lesson, DB Browser, a free open source database tool was used, but there are other tools available, both proprietary and open. A helpful comparison of database tools is available via Wikipedia.

SqliteOnline is the free online database tool offered as an alternative to DB Browser for this lesson. In addition to SqliteOnline, there is data.world which also allows you to work online with SQL and (library) datasets and includes a tutorial. SQL use in Google Sheets, a popular spreadsheet application, is even a possibility, demonstrated via Ben Collin’s tutorial. There is also a business standard software package called, MySQL, which has a community edition that can be downloaded free.

Key Points

  • There are additional database tools beyond DB Browser and SqliteOnline.