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Library Carpentry Wikidata: Lesson Design

Design decision :bulb:

Sometime there is more than one way to do something. Here are some reason why we did certain things in a certain manner.

Write what you decide :pencil2:

In lesson development, many decisions are made within group discussions, sprints or conferences. In order to be able to track these, it is useful to store a in the repo. This md file documents all discussions that have been held and all decisions that have been made, to make the development easier to understand for newcomers. To make such a file was also one decision at a certain time and now is also tracked! :+1:

Edit first vs. create first

In order to lower the hurdle for first edit the idea was suggested on the WikiCite 2019 brain storming that at first a exiting article should be edited and then later a new one should be created. This comes with the disadvantage, that either the participants work on rather different items (e.g. find something via the random item link) or the instructor has to pick/create for each participant a suiting item. Due to this we decided to rather start with the creation of new items in the Wikidata test instance (which needs only 4 fields to be filled out).

Keep lessons as simple as possible

Pacing and overall schedule

Possible paths through the lesson

Only teaching the basics

Full day option

Modules and suggested timing

Startup (30 min)

Wikidata-Hands-on-Introduction Part 1 (2 hours)

Wikidata-Hands-on-Introduction Part 2 (1 1/2 hour)

Wrap-Up and Feedback (30 min)