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In celebration of reaching 2K Twitter followers, here is a summary of our Twitter Analytics

Announcing the Top 10 FAIR Data Things Global Sprint

A global sprint to develop 10 FAIR things resources for data in different disciplines

Data in the desert

Library Carpentry workshop at the University of Arizona

Report back from University of Calgary Libraries

Workshop and instructor training for librarians

The Strategic Value of Library Carpentry and The Carpentries to Research Libraries

How your library can be a hub for data science activities in your community.

University of Oregon Libraries and Oregon State University Libraries Team Up to Teach First Library Carpentry Workshop in Oregon

UO and OSU Library Carpentry report

New England Libraries Team Up to Become Carpentries Members

Developing the New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium and a Community of Practice

Announcing the Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee

Helping keep lessons on track

What constitutes a Library Carpentry workshop?

What is considered a Library Carpentry workshop vs a roadshow

Seventy-One Workshops... and Counting

How the Library Carpentry community began, and where it is going

A Carpentries-Based Approach to Teaching FAIR Data and Software Principles

A report from the TIB Hannover FAIR Data & Software Workshop (9-13 July, 2018)

Eight Days, Four Workshops, Two Islands, One Earthquake

Taking Library Carpentry on the road in New Zealand

Carpentries in the Libraries Community Calls

Time to talk about data and software skills in libraries

The Carpentries Instructor Training for Librarians

Upcoming, open Instructor training for librarians

Library Carpentry Community Update

Pancakes on a Stick, and Other Things I Learned at UCLA

Opening discussions about Library Carpentry being a Lesson Organisation with The Carpentries

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Library Carpentry Hackathon a Great Success

Library Carpentry at The University of Melbourne

Library Carpentry: Update from the Community Calls

Helping the Helper - practical advice for Library Carpentry Helpers

Library Carpentry at the University of Sussex

Teaching Library Carpentry at the New Librarians' Symposium

Library Carpentry chatrooms proliferate

Library Carpentry workshop call

Library Carpentry is coming to Africa

Library Carpentry - update

Library Carpentry - Fin, for now

Library Carpentry - Where and When

Software Skills Training for Librarians - Programme outline and FAQ