The first Software Carpentry for Librarians workshops were held at Harvard University, University of Toronto, Edmonton Public Library, University of Toronto, New York Public Library, Edmonton Public Library, and West Vancouver Memorial Library.


Dr. James Baker receives support from the Software Sustainability Institute to develop and implement Library Carpentry.


Pilot Library Carpentry programme taught at City University London. Lessons derived from Software Carpentry.


First Mozilla Global Sprint - Library Carpentry lesson development led by Belinda Weaver. Subsequent sprints in 2017 and 2018.


First Carpentries instructor training for librarians and Library Carpentry at csv,conf,v3 in Portland, OR. The National and State Libraries of Australasia fund an all-capital cities roadshow in Australia for Library Carpentry workshops.


IMLS grant awarded to the California Digital Library to further develop Library Carpentry. Chris Erdmann hired as the Community and Development Director. Incubation of Library Carpentry as a Carpentries lesson organisation. Instructor training for librarians held at the University of Calgary Libraries.