Our Workshops

Library Carpentry develops and teaches interactive, hands-on workshops for learning core software and data skills of relevance to those in library roles. Our workshops are domain-agnostic though datasets used will be familiar to library staff.

Library Carpentry workshops are in-person events and are taught by at least one volunteer certified Instructor. Our Instructors are trained in pedagogy with a focus on creating a motivating and engaging learning environment.

An official Library Carpentry workshop must include three to four of our core lessons. All workshops that are reported to Library Carpentry are listed in the ‘Upcoming Workshops’ section of this site and range from 1-day to multi-day. See What constitutes a Library Carpentry workshop? and Seventy-One Workshops… and Counting for further information. All participants must be prepared to observe The Carpentries Code of Conduct in workshops. Library Carpentry lesson materials are freely available under a permissive open license and available for the wider community to use for Library Carpentry-based workshops.

Prior to and following each workshop, instructors have surveys available to them to assess participants’ understanding of data and software tools and approaches taught. Our surveys align with The Carpentries surveys and programmatic/learner assessments. Library Carpentry pre and post workshop surveys are available via the Carpentries workshop template.

Our lesson materials are collaboratively developed by our volunteer community. All of our lessons are open source, and are hosted on GitHub.

To request a workshop at your institution or to register your Self-Organised workshop, visit the The Carpentries workshop request page. Indicate in the form that you are interested in hosting a Library Carpentry workshop. If you’re interested other ways Library Carpentry lessons can be used at your site, please contact team@carpentries.org. Please note, our workshop workflow is undergoing updates (see Introducing updated Workshop Request Forms and More).

The Carpentries team of Regional Coordinators supports workshop activity in various global regions. These teams can connect you with regional communities.

If you’re running a workshop, check out our guides for teaching and hosting a workshop.