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Library Carpentry: MarcEdit: Glossary

Key Points

Introduction to MarcEdit
  • MarcEdit is a tool for working with bibliographic metadata, specifically in the MARC format

  • MarcEdit can be used to open and edit MARC files

  • MarcEdit can be used to convert between several different metadata formats, including different expressions of MARC such as MARCXML and Mnemonic MARC

Top Level Menu Features
  • MarcEdit offers a customizable interface with a suite of tools including the MarcEditor

  • Users can customize their preferences in the Settings module

Working with MARC files
  • MarcEdit can work with a variety of file formats

  • MARC Tools allow you to convert data from one file format to another

  • The MarcEditor works with a MarcEdit specific mnemonic format of MARC records (.mrk)

Working in the MarcEditor
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Manipulating MARC data
  • MarcEdit can be used to edit any part of the MARC data including the Leader, fixed fields, fields, indicators, subfields and the content in those fields.

  • MarcEdit comes with an array of tools to manipulate data and validate MARC.

Tasks and Automation
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Regular Expressions
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