Keyboard shortcuts

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Estimated time: 20 minutes



  • What are keyboard shortcuts?


  • Learn commonly used keyboard shortcuts as a time saving tool.

Keyboard shortcuts are your friend

Though we will get more computational over the course of the programme, we can start our adventure into programming - as many of you will have already - with very simple things like keyboard shortcuts. We all have our favourites that are labour saving but also allow us to use this machine in the best possible way. You can do all the lessons in Library Carpentry without keyboard shortcuts, but note that they’ll likely come up a lot.

Action Windows Mac + Keystroke
Save Ctrl Command + S
Copy Ctrl Command + C
Cut Ctrl Command + X
Paste Ctrl Command + V
Switch Applications Alt Command Tab

Keyboard shortcuts are the first step towards automation. Sometimes you don’t have to write a programming script or use a program to automate.

What keyboard shortcut(s) do you find helpful?

Discuss in groups of four to six or altogether and note your discussion in the workshop collaborative document. For a list of common keyboard shortcuts, see Wikipedia’s Table of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Key Points

  • Understanding keyboard shortcuts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are the first step towards automation.