One Up, One Down

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Estimated time: 30 minutes



  • What did you like and what needs improvement about the lessons and workshop?


  • Learners reflect and share what they liked and what can be improved about the lessons and workshops.
  • Instructors record the learner feedback and reflect on what can be improved about the lessons and workshops.

One-Up, One-Down

In addition to sticky notes used for feedback during the day, at the end of the day we can use a technique called “one up, one down”. The instructor asks the learners to alternately point to one thing they liked and one thing that can be improved about the day, without repeating anything that has already been said. This requirement allows participants to reflect further on the day and offer unique responses. The instructor writes down the feedback in the workshop collaborative document. The feedback is both helpful to the learners, to hear the perspectives of others in the workshop, and for instructors, to learn how the lessons and teaching approaches used can be improved.

Key Points

  • It helps to reflect and share feedback about the lessons and workshop.