Data Management Plan (DMP) Overview

  • Data management plans should be written during the planning phase of research and revised as needed.
  • In general, a DMP should contain sections on data description and format, metadata and data standards, preservation and access timeline, access and reuse, oversight, and budget.

DMP Resources

  • Librarians need to be able to find funder requirements, example DMPs, data repositories and data standards to answer researcher questions.

Supporting Researchers

  • A data interview is related to, but not the same as the reference interview.
  • Use the follow up questions in this section in your data interview to elicit the information needed to improve researcher DMPs.
  • Researchers may be new to sharing data and data management

DMPTool and Common DMP Issues

  • The DMPTool is a click through wizard that helps researchers create a compliant DMP.
  • If they are in a member institution, librarians can provide guidance and give feedback to researchers through the DMPTool.
  • Librarians will see similar issues in researcher DMPs over and over. Use the guidance in this section to prepare.

Data Management Plan Services

  • When preparing to start DMP services in your library, reach out to other institutional stakeholders for collaboration.
  • Join a professional organization to get support from other librarians.
  • There are many possible data services libraries can provide. Pick whichever one suits your institution best.