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Library Carpentry: FAIR Data and Software

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00:00 1. Introduction What does the acronym “FAIR” stand for, and what does it mean?
How can library services contribute to FAIR research?
00:00 2. Findable What is a persistent identifier or PID?
What types of PIDs are there?
00:00 3. Accessible Key question
00:00 4. Interoperable What does interoperability mean?
What is a controlled vocabulary, a metadata schema and linked data?
How do I describe data so that humans and computers can understand?
00:00 5. Reusable Key question
00:00 6. Assessment How can I assess the FAIRness of myself, an organisation, a service, a community… ?
Which FAIR assessment tools exist to understand how FAIR you are?
01:00 7. Software Key question
01:00 Finish

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