Introduction to MarcEdit

  • MarcEdit is a tool for working with bibliographic metadata, specifically in the MARC format
  • MarcEdit can be used to open, review and edit MARC files
  • MarcEdit provides advanced features and integrations to support the manipulation of MARC files

Getting Started with MarcEdit

  • MarcEdit offers the ability to add shortcuts to the main window
  • MarcEdit allows you to set preferences for features and tools such as the main window or the MarcEditor
  • Preferences can be accessed using the gearbox icon and selecting Tools → Preferences, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P

Working with MARC files

  • MarcEdit can work with a variety of file formats
  • The MARC Tools Icon allow you to convert data from one file format to another
  • The MarcEditor works with a MarcEdit specific mnemonic format of MARC records (.mrk)
  • It is necessary to break a MARC binary file to work with that MARC data in the MarcEditor. The extension of these easily readable MARC files are .mrk rather than the binary extension of .mrc
  • Understanding the layout (syntax) of MARC records in the MarcEditor is key to working with the records.

Layout of the MarcEditor

  • MarcEditor is a tool to work with MARC data in an easily readable format
  • The MarcEditor can be used to perform a number of different functions such as adding, deleting MARC fields or subfields, building MARC fields, running reports, or checking the validity of MARC data
  • The MarcEditor can be used to perform one task at a time or automate a set of tasks for particular types of MARC files

Profiling Your MARC data

  • MarcEditor provides many different tools and reports to profile and edit your MARC records

Manipulating MARC data basics

  • MarcEdit can be used to edit any part of the MARC data including the Leader, fixed fields, fields, indicators, subfields and the content in those fields.
  • MarcEdit comes with an array of tools to manipulate data and validate MARC.

Manipulating MARC data advanced

  • Advanced reports and functions are available in MarcEdit to apply global and selective edits
  • MarcEdit comes with an array of tools to manipulate data and validate MARC.

Tasks and Automation

  • MarcEdit tasks are a way to automate a series of functions
  • Tasks can consist of any type of function among the MarcEditor tools


  • Understand what integrations are and why they’re useful
  • Understand where to set up an integration

Regular Expressions

  • Regular expressions are a powerful tool for selecting and editing your data in the MarcEditor
  • Regular expressions can be used in many functions and tools in MarcEdit and the MarcEditor
  • Knowing your data is essential to ensuring your regular expressions are working as intended