Library Carpentry Advisory Group

The Advisory Group acts as a critical friend to Carpentries governance and staff and advises on ways to foster greater participation in the Library Carpentry community. The Group meets asynchronously online via Slack and occasionally via Zoom to discuss, plan, and pursue strategies for involving new and current members in Library Carpentry. Members of the Group rotate in and out on a yearly and bi-yearly basis. It is not a governance group and does not make decisions for the Library Carpentry community. Note: Formerly known as the Library Carpentry Governance Group.

2019-2020 Goals:

The following list of goals is a prioritised list, voted on by all members of the Advisory Group and refined by the chair and coordinator into actionable goals (in July 2019). Advisory Group members will work on moving these goals forward from 2019-2020. Note: Advisory Group and Curriculum Advisory Committee occasional posts discussions and decisions in the governance repository.
  1. Survey Library Carpentry workshop attendees to assess impact and gather stories.
  2. Map lesson material to library resumes/CVs/job descriptions/competencies.
  3. Target outreach to at least 5 library networks.
  4. Describe and publicize other ways of teaching the material beyond the standard workshop/core lessons.
  5. Discuss/pilot Library Carpentry/Carpentries ideas in at least 3 library & information science programs and draft a roadmap.
  6. Draft report to library management outlining the benefits of joining the Library Carpentry/The Carpentries community.
  7. Draft a letter of interest for funders to support greater involvement and inclusion in Library Carpentry.

Birgit Schmidt (Germany)

Yared Abera Ergu (Ethiopia)

Liz Stokes, Co-chair (Australia)

David Kane (Ireland)

Julie Goldman (USA)

Tim Ribaric (Canada)

Konrad Foerstner (Germany)

Ariel Deardorff, Co-chair (USA)

Jeff Oliver (USA)

John Chodacki (USA)

Tim Dennis (USA)

Chris Erdmann (USA)

Mark Laufersweiler (USA)

Phil Reed (United Kingdom)

Carmi Cronje (Australia)