Library Carpentry Advisory Group

The Library Carpentry Advisory Group acts as a key friend to Carpentries governance and staff and advises on ways to foster greater participation in the Library Carpentry community. The Advisory Group discusses, plans, and pursues strategies for involving new and current members in Library Carpentry. Members of the Group volunteer to serve three year terms, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership each year.

The Advisory Group was preceded by a Steering Group with a remit of guiding Library Carpentry through the merger process with The Carpentries, a task which was completed in 2019.

2021-2022 Goals:

The 2021-2022 goals for the LCAG focus on governance and curriculum development. Achieving these goals will help the LCAG in succession planning, and develop expertise in recommending training resources to the Library Carpentry community. Use the issue links to follow progress. Note: Advisory Group and Curriculum Advisory Committee occasional posts discussions and decisions in the governance repository.

  1. Adopt Carpentries committee structure for the LCAG [#34]
  2. Align LC Curriculum Advisory Committee with Core Team efforts to refresh CACs across the Carpentries [#38]
  3. Identify hurdles to content contribution and develop rubric for vetting external content [#36]
  4. Highlight text analysis curricula from beyond the Carpentries 2022[#35]

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