Library Carpentry Governance Group

The Governance Group, first called the Steering Group, was formed in October 2017 with the main goal of guiding Library Carpentry through the merger process with The Carpentries. Thanks to the efforts of Governance Group and Steering Committee members John Chodacki, Jez Cope, Tim Dennis, Chris Erdmann, Kayleigh Lino, Cam Macdonell, Juliane Scheider, Belinda Weaver, James Baker, Greg Wilson, Richard Vankoningsveld, Owen Stephens, and Scott Peterson, together with the help of The Carpentries Executive Council and staff, Library Carpentry is now an official Lesson Program of The Carpentries. We are grateful to everyone involved in moving this effort forward.

Now that the primary aim of the Group is complete, members decided to shift to an advisory role with a focus towards growing the Library Carpentry community. On 15 March 2019, the Library Carpentry Governance Group officially became the Advisory Group. The Advisory Group acts as a critical friend to Carpentries governance and staff and advises on ways to foster greater participation in the Library Carpentry community. The Group meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss, plan, and pursue strategies for involving new and current members in Library Carpentry. It is not a governance group and does not make decisions for the Library Carpentry community.

John Chodacki (USA)

Jez Cope (UK)

Tim Dennis (USA)

Chris Erdmann (Coordinator, USA)

Kayleigh Lino (South Africa)

Cam Macdonell (Canada)

Juliane Schneider (Chair, USA)

Belinda Weaver (Australia)